By  Jackie De Hon, Ph.D.

In 2016 when Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were running for President of the United States, I wrote this poem. I published it in the Huffington Post as “A Robber Baron By Any Name…” on 03/11/2016 (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/…/a-robber-baron-by-any-nam_…).

I was relieved when Obama won and I knew we would not be faced with the prospect of our president’s forsaking our democratic-republic form of government and trying to run our government “like a business.”

Recently I was reading some of my old guest editorials and I ran across this poem. I was amazed at how many of my fearful predictions had come true in recent years.  Just this week there was news that President Trump wants to allow mining in The Grand Canyon!

Watching the behavior of the current holder of this vital office, my fears have returned. This man says and does outrageous things. I believe many of his actions have endangered our nation…so I am sharing this wrenching poem again with different readers with the caution that we all must pay attention–and vote for someone who will enhance our nation–not destroy it!

I encourage people to read and to respond—sharing actions of the current office holder they’ve noticed so we can have a fuller listing of damages that have been done to our beloved America. This might help all of us become more aware and to decide to vote for someone who truly cares for America and for All Of The People in the future!

© Jackie De Hon, Ph.D.

Our nation’s future is at stake—
My muse told me tonight.
She waked-me-up at midnight,
So great was her fright!

She told me of our future’s risk,
She said we must NOT fail…
Must fight to save our land so fair;
She pulled aside dark veil.

I turned my head, tried not to look.
She opened wide my eyes
“Witness and then spread the word!”
Oh Heart, the awful lies!

I saw a politician who
Lies his way to win
Our nation’s presidency so
He can bend all to serve him!

…Listen now…I’ll clue you in.

I checked online to learn about
A Robber Baron candidate
Whose recklessness I fear
Pay attention…he spews hate!

If such a one could gain control
Of our nation fair,
To “run it like a business,”
What would happen there?

He’d treat us as “his business”—
Cannibalize our land.
Would create his own slave-class
Unless we take a stand!

My cautionary tale begins—
Fearful analogy…
First he must neutralize all
Who might stand in his way.

I learned this new Robber Baron
Manipulated fair-play rules.
Cheated, hurt folks—stole their jobs and
Retirements…called them “fools.”

Put their money into his own
Pockets—called it “Capitalism.”
Crony Capitalists steal from
All…the worst kind of “ism.”

Long ago the stage was set—
When Robber Baron-types
Bought-bad-laws to enrich selves and
Hid behind their own hype.

Lawmakers passed laws RBs wrote
To enrich selves and others—
At expense of the rest of us…cared
Not about Dads and Mothers.

People who don’t look like him
Would be the first to suffer.
Then he’d kill all women’s rights…and
Minority rights soon after.

Robber Barons, Crony Capitalists—
No matter what the name—
It’s what these greedy people do…
What’s evil is their game!”

As always, with my Muse’s ideas,
She leaves it up to me to
Figure how to tell the story—
And so I’ll show you what he’d do.

First he would kill our spirits fair.
Then he’d kill some bodies as
This new “King” imperiously
Declared that “ALL belongs to him!”

Like Hitler and Chauchescue
He’d stop all abortions then
And when his Forced-Birth-policies
Started to kick in…

He’d have an excess of unloved-
People to fight his endless wars.
From Birth-Machines who were forced to
Supply slave-workers as well.

Jobs, souls, and love of people would
Disappear; we all would bleed;
Treasures next, in “Great Selloff”
For King-Dictator’s greed.

I envision Inventories’
Taken just to see
What this new guy “has bought;” how
To exploit “his new company”…

He’d start with Global Real Estate,
Sell to the highest bidder,
Grand Canyon, Tetons, and Big Bend.
Buy now…Tell your friends on Twitter!

Later in D.C. I see huge
Banner on domed building pale:
Home of “Joe’s Capitol Plumbing.”
And another, White House White Sale!”

When nothing’s left for common folks—
Happiness becomes a joke
For 1% to laugh about
While gambling over Reason’s coat.

What I haven’t figured out—
What keeps me up at night—
Is…after all our wealth is gone
And America has lost the fight,
What will this Crony Capitalist
Do with “excess inventory?”
Will some slaver-nation buy all…
Will that be the end of this story?


Before voting In 2020 voters would do well to study the life, actions, statements, and how each candidate does business and treats all classes, ethnic groups, and individuals.


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