Picture a Land Where Kindness Reigns

                                      © Jackie De Hon, Ph.D 

I read or dreamed some time ago
About a land so fair,
Where people learned to tame themselves
Avoiding Tempter’s snare.
Because here what each person did
The Self received instead
Whether ill or good was done
‘Twas on the actor’s head.

And in my mind I dwelt on this–
A lovely situation.
Here is what I came up with
To share across the nation:
Picture a land where kindness reigns,
Where only Good is blessed;
Where Evil has no place at all
And war is put to rest.

A bully’s words and blows can hurt
No one but her or him.
They simply stay within The Self
To boil and fume…then dim.
Bullies learn to protect selves
By treating others well.
Kindness shared, reflects right back,
Rewarding sharer.  Compels.
Groups of bullies–governments–
Receive the focus of
Decisions they might implement,
Here’s how it works now, Love:

   If stealing, their-possessions left
The moment that they voted.
If harming others was their goal,
That harm on them was goaded.
   If warring was their choice that day,
   Then only-they-were-killed,
   So soon the land was free of those
Whom harm-to-others willed!

And all learn to treat so well
Themselves as well as others.
Happiness, enough for all–
Children, fathers, mothers!

Oh, for a land where kindness reigns
And harm cannot bedevil.
A place of peace and joy and love,
Where there can be no Evil.

Jackie De Hon, Ph.D., Prisms: Refracting Light of Women’s Lives, 2009

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